Joyce's Quilting

Joyce is addicted to the craft of quilting. She has belonged to the Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild for a number of years, and has served as an officer in the organization. She has made quilts for a number of occasions, such as weddings and new babies, and we are proud to share some of them with you.

This baby quilt was made in 2002 for the new son of our friends.


Joyce made the reversible table runner, below, for some friends from Germany when they were returning to their home, after a time of working in America.

This is the back side of the table runner


With this quilt, we welcomed a new cousin, Claire Barone, in 2003.


And we welcomed her sister, Alessandra Kate Barone, with this quilt in 2005


This quilt commemorated the wedding of Fritz's cousin, Nick Ludwig, and his bride, Monique, in 2005.


And in 2007, these quilts, below, welcomed the resulting twins, Alexander Nicholas and Samantha Madison Ludwig.

This very large quilt commemorates the wedding our special friends, Elizabeth and Josh Biddinger, in 2005.


Our friends, Bryan and Tina Hunt were married in June, 2009, and Joyce celebrated this occasion with a king sized quilt.

Our nephew, Andy Putman and his bride, Kellie, were married in June, 2009, and Joyce created this queen sized comforter quilt as a gift. We delivered this quilt to the wedding in Maryland, and were pleased to celebrate with them.

And on February 23, 2012, we welcomed Hunter Thomas Putman into the world with this quilt!

Then we welcomed his sister, Makenzie Denise Putman on May 4, 2013 with the quilt below.   

Fritz’s nephew, Scott Putman and his bride, Rachel, were married on April 13, 2013. Joyce used this quilt to celebrate with them


Our friends Kim and Matthew Haynes were married on July 14, 2012.

Joyce made this quilt to help them celebrate the event.


Jayden C. Haynes was born on September, 2013.  

Joyce celebrated his arrival with this quilt.


Martha is 90

On July 2, 2015, our friend, Martha Bagley, celebrated her 90th birthday.  

Joyce presented this quilt, approved by our cats, Sally and Rox, to Martha as a birthday gift.

Martha Bagley's 90th Birthday Quilt with Cats

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