Our Cats

Max certainly flourished during his time with us, but we lost him late in 2008.

Shortly after that, “Patches” (below) moved in with us. Being a rescue from the local shelter, Patches came with some emotional scars, but as she looses them, she is becoming a very nice kitty.

However, she has an unusual way of drinking, and we have finally recorded it.   After verifying the experience of Gideon in Chapters 6 and 7 of the Old Testament book of Judges, we see that she could qualify to be one of Gideon’s soldiers!

Click on her picture (below) to view the movie.

Polly came to us with a “haunted” appearance, and we suspect that her early life was not a very nice one. She seems to have become much more confident, now, and the “upside-down skunk” position is a popular one for her.

After more than 14 years of faithful service, we lost Polly to “old age” on September 6, 2013.


In June, 2014, we adopted two 5 week old kittens that would join Patches.   We decided that sisters would be successful in becoming a part of our household.   It has been fun to see their playfulness as they develop from being very small kittens.   We are thankful that they are healthy, have sweet dispositions, are sharp mentally, but Patches often questions their decorum.



These pictures were taken on June 17, 2014, the day Rox and Sally joined our family.  

Martha Bagley's 90th Birthday Quilt with Cats


Now that they are a few months older than one year, they feel called to try out a quilt that Joyce has just completed.

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