Website Building

How we have been able to accomplish a seemingly forbidding task:


Several years ago, we began the project of constructing our own website.   Fortunately, we were able to register the domain name, , that we wanted.   Then, we had to choose a webhost, and made a good choice on the strength of the recommendation of a friend.   This was fortuitous, as the webhost offered an OEM version of NetObjects Fusion v. 8 web design software almost for free.   We used that successfully for a long time, but it stopped working suddenly.   Eventually a customer service agent for the host concern “spilled the beans”, and gave us the settings that made it possible to upload additions to the website again.   I have the feeling that the representatives of the host have been less than truthful in answering questions about their situation, and even more recently, an answer from one of the customer service people made no sense.

Since our subscription with that host is about to run out, I have just subscribed for hosting by .   According to information available on the Internet, they offered the best combination of price and service.   Because of my lack of ability with such things, and, also because some of the settings used for the previous host are eccentric, I had to refer to the help people of WebHostingHub to get our website and email accounts moved.   The help agents that I have talked to have been nice to deal with, and they enabled me to feel comfortable that the transfer has been made successfully.  

We have been able to replace our OEM version of the NetObjects Fusion software with a free version of the same program: .   In fact, I am “building” this webpage with an update from the free version.   In operation, it is very similar to Microsoft Publisher, a program that we use frequently, so there has been an easy transfer for us in learning to use it.

I guess I would say that if we can do it, anyone should be able create his own website.

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