Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdog


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If you are interested in Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdog (Owczarek Podhalaski) puppies,

please see www.buschwinkel.com , or contact our friend Beata at buschwinkel@gmail.com .


Click on the picture of the puppy for information about the litter of Tatras that recently left Buschwinkel Kennel.


We have had an interesting personal experience with Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdogs.

Although the dogs are a very rare breed, we have developed a friendship with the Matwijewicz family of Poland, who own Tatras. In October, 2009, their dog, Kama, won the Intermediate Class at the World Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia, and received a gold medal. This provided a great foundation for Buschwinkel Kennels (Hodowla Buschwinkel).

In September, 2010, we visited our Polish friends and we were introduced to Kama. She quickly included us in her herd. In spite of the fact that Tatra dogs are large, strong, and protective, she is very loyal and loving to those that she regards as her friends. We believe that this is a result of the excellent training that Beata has provided for Kama.

Click on the puppy (at right) to go to he website of The Polish Tatra Sheepdog Club of America (PTSCA) to see their page that gives a good description of the breed:

In March, 2011, Dunaj Zymbiansko Duma  came from a well respected kennel in the Tatra Mountains to join the Buschwinkel Kennel.   We have visited our Polish friends while Dunaj was growing up, and there are many interesting stories about him as a puppy.

At a dog show in Lodz, Dunaj received an excellent rating, and was officially designated a Tatra stud in early May, 2013.

He and Kama immediately celebrated his new title, and 11 puppies were born on July 5, 2013!

The Happy Couple!

Polish Tatra Sheepdog

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a breed of dog introduced into the Tatra Mountains of Southern Poland by Vlachian (Romanian) shepherds, probably in the 14th century, and used to guard and herd sheep. It is therefore related to the Romanian Bucovina, Carpathian and Mioritic breeds.

The Tatras are large (45–60 kg/100–150 lb) white dogs with heavy dense fur. These dogs are very similar in appearance and temperament to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and the Hungarian Kuvasz.

Tatras are a breed of dog that almost died out in Poland during the wars, due to starvation. They are primarily considered an LGD (Livestock Guard Dog). Their instinct, through hundreds of years of breeding, is to protect livestock, though they easily adopt a family as a flock. They are a good companion dog as well as a protection dog. They are not an attack dog, but rather move threats away through intimidation. They have a loud bark. They shed white fur, but are tight lipped and don't drool as much as some similar breeds. They are not all that similar in temperament to their Mountain dog cousins the Kuvasz, Great Pyrenees or Maremma Sheepdog. They are less aloof than the other breeds, tending to be better tied into their breeding and not as domesticated or inbred as some of their cousins.

In the USA the Tatra sheepdog is considered a rare breed. It is not recognized by the AKC.


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