Tatra Puppy News

The January, 2014 litter of Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdog puppies from Buschwinkel!

As of the first week in March, ALL of the puppies have new owners.

Be sure to see the more recent pictures of the puppies below.

On January 3, 2014, Kama Bialy Podhalan gave birth to 6 healthy puppies - 3 males and 3 females.

The father of the litter is Dunaj Zymbiansko Duma.  Both parents are free of dysplasia (the result of HDA).

The puppies will be de-wormed and vaccinated at the appropriate age, and they will be ready for delivery after February 20, 2014.

Each puppy will have a birth certificate from the Polish Kennel Club, entitling the new owner to obtain its pedigree.

Recent Puppy Pictures

February 25, 2014

The parents of this litter are

Kama Bialy Podhalan (HDA)


Dunaj Zymbiansko Duma (HDA).

Joyce is disappointed that her planned February, 2014 trip to Poland to visit this litter of pups was cancelled due to a winter storm.    Thankfully Buschwinkel Kennel kept the news and pictures of these six interesting pups coming to us.  This certainly is helping her case of “Tatra Puppy Withdrawal”.

If you are interested in puppies from future litters, please contact:

By email - buschwinkel@gmail.com

By telephone: +48 501 517 348

Website: www.buschwinkel.com

Blog:  http://buschwinkel.blogspot.com

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