Click here to see Fritz and Whitey, our Araucana rooster, demonstrate removing (shortening) a rooster’s spurs!

Sideburns (RIP)

One of Our Favorite Araucana Roosters

About 50 years ago, Fritz had a neighbor who was the proprietor of a small menagerie. This man had an ability to come up with unusual animals.

One of his acquisitions was a small flock of chickens that laid blue eggs. They were called “Araucanas”, and were said to have come from South America. Fritz was skeptical of the blue eggs, and could not be satisfied until he had talked the neighbor out of some blue hatching eggs. Soon, he had his own “Araucanas”.

Soon, Fritz’s and the neighbor’s “Araucanas” were lost. Some years later, he found that his bride had had an unhappy experience with a rooster, and was afraid of chickens. We did not live in a place where we could have chickens, anyhow, so they sank into the background.

A few years ago, Joyce announced that after a half century, she wanted to “get over her chicken thing”. Fritz offered to help, and soon located some blue eggs to hatch That was the beginning of our involvement with Araucanas.

We have found that the breed standards call for vastly different characteristics from the chickens

that Fritz had so long ago. Currently we have a small flock of Araucanas, and have exhibited them in several poultry shows. We have also belonged to the Araucana Club of America, and served as officers in the organization.

In addition to the unusual egg color, Araucanas possess some unusual physical traits.   We have found that they are friendly chickens, and that they are a lot of fun. And yes, they have done a lot to help Joyce’s chicken phobia!

One of Our Prettiest Araucana Pullets


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